Dr Philip Mathen

Dr Philip Mathen, Principal and Founder, Veritas Executive Health

Dr Philip Mathen

Principal and Founder

The Veritas Executive Health team is led by Dr Philip Mathen who is a passionate advocate of preventive and lifestyle medicine. He has worked for over 10 years in providing Executive Health assessments for both corporate and private clients.

In addition to his work in preventative and lifestyle medicine, Dr Mathen has a current clinical appointment at Macquarie University Hospital as a doctor in intensive care. He also has an academic appointment at Macquarie University as a Clinical Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences.

In his Clinical role in Intensive Care at Macquarie University Hospital he continues to practice at the forefront of acute hospital based medicine looking after patients on life support after open heart surgery, neurosurgery and other major surgical procedures. He has worked in this speciality for over 30 years. Despite the amazing developments in acute care modern medicine, this work has made him particularly passionate about the need for the prevention of health issues such as cardiovascular disease, and also for the early detection of cancer.

In his Academic role at Macquarie University Dr Mathen is involved in the teaching of medical students, junior medical staff and nurses.